Built in 1970, Saffron House Stables is home to George Boughey Racing, with its American style barns and paddocks located on the Hamilton Road in Newmarket.

Since moving into Saffron House Stables in December 2019, the operation has continued to grow, expanding into neighbouring Providence Gate and Liberty Stables, providing George with over 100 licenced boxes. There are several acres of turnout facilities spread between the yards, along with covered horse walkers and direct access to the training grounds on Racecourse Side.

"Saffron House Stables works really well for us – it enables us to work horses on both sides of town and I don't like to over-complicate things."

George Boughey


Ideally situated on the Hamilton Road, Saffron House Stables backs directly onto Newmarket’s Racecourse Side training grounds, with the Bury Side facilities easily accessible via a network of horse-walks across the town.

The extensive training facilities in Newmarket are owned and managed by Jockey Club Estates and offer an unrivalled variety of turf and artificial gallops which cater for racehorses at all stages of their career. Spanning 2,500 acres, the grounds are open year-round and are carefully maintained by a skilled team of Heathmen.


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